Welcome to Casper

The True companies started in 1948 when H.A. 'Dave' True, Jr. moved from Cody to Casper as Manager and part owner of the one-rig Reserve Drilling Company. The company, after nearly going under in the brutal 1949 blizzards, grew to a five rotary drilling rig operation by 1951. In that year True, together with Douglas S. Brown, bought out the other interest owners of Reserve Drilling and formed a partnership known as True and Brown Drilling Contractors.

In 1953, the two formed another partnership, True and Brown Oil Producers.  The following year, True purchased Brown's interests and, in partnership with his wife Jean, changed the names to True Drilling Company and True Oil Company. 

For nearly 70 years, True Drilling has remained family owned and operated, based out of Casper Wyoming. True Drilling LLC operates in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. We are a contract drilling company, drilling for oil and natural gas using rotary rigs from depths from 4000’ to 25,000’.