Rig 40-Delivered McKenzie County, ND

On Feb 14, 2019 Rig 40 began “turning to the right” drilling Bakken wells in North Dakota. As the rig name implies, Rig 40 is the 40th rig to be commissioned by True Drilling in the company’s 70 year history. Rig 40 is an AC electric joystick rig with state of the art technology capable of drilling two mile lateral wells.

The Rig 40 project started with Greg Tubbs, Frank Taylor, and Bill DeGraeve negotiating a three year contract that was accepted by Enerplus last September. With that contract in place, we immediately entered an agreement with NOV for the rig. That set the pace for a short time frame (five months) to execute the near impossibility of: acquiring the rig, making modifications, training crews, transporting the rig to Casper then to North Dakota, rig up, and start drilling by mid-February.

Frank Taylor was extremely busy working with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to develop some new specialized equipment for Rig 40 that had not been built before. Rod Voth, and Dave Terrill provided support in the fabrication yard to ensure the progress was maintained. Enerplus wanted every option available when it came to the newest drilling technology.

Rig 40 is upgraded with four generators to power 3-1,600 horsepower mud pumps. Past rigs only had three generators and two mud pumps. Rig 40 also has a walking scavenger tank and rolling suitcases versus a flowline for the mud system and festoon for the electrical system. These additions increase the hydraulics at the bit and allow the rig to walk from well to well, upwards of 300 feet.

Rig 40 utilizes the Amphion Control System. Amphion is an integrated drilling control system that uses touch screen controls and a joystick allowing the Driller to operate the rig and monitor equipment.

Rig 40 is equipped with an automated drilling system called NOVOS which works in tandem with the Amphion System. The NOVOS System is designed to assist the Driller to perform consistent repetitive drilling activities, providing drilling processes for drilling each well with repeatable consistencies. In essence, it minimizes any potential errors in drilling. The Toolpushers, Drillers, and Company Men took part in five days of extensive training for the Amphion and the NOVOS Systems.

In addition to all of the latest equipment and drilling technology, Rig 40 has some distinctive features. Many of you were able to see the mural on RIg 40's driller’s cabin that came to life via an idea from David L. True and Ashley True. Ashely took the lead with a very short timeframe to design, print, and get the mural installed before the drillers cabin was to be shipped to North Dakota.

All of these features sound really great up to this point, right? The time is now the middle of January and it’s time to rig up and assemble Rig 40 on location in North Dakota where the temperatures are negative 30 degrees not counting the windchill factor. Frank Taylor, Seth Zupanik, Rod Voth, Drew Thornton, and Will Bruckner were all instrumental in keeping the crews motivated and safely completing the initial rig up on the well. Jeff O’Brian, Brian Blosmo, Todd Hilderbrand, Gary Crowson, Mark Grindle, Fred Sanders, Rodger Martin, Matt Eggleston, and others were also a big part of a smooth initial rig up. The team overcame many obstacles to meet the timeframe to start drilling on an eleven well location. Great job to all of you and thank you for your hard work!


 Posted on June 16, 2020